Building Secure IoT Devices Throughout the Lifecycle

NeroTeam Security Labs empowers organizations and engineering teams to develop IoT devices with inherent security features across the entire product lifecycle. We specialize in fortifying the security of IoT devices from their market launch to end-of-life (EOL), thwarting attackers and fostering customer trust.

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At NeroTeam Security Labs, our mission is to fortify IoT devices, establishing trust in your brand. We meticulously assess diverse IoT products, including routers, cameras, switches, and more, unveiling previously unseen vulnerabilities—commonly known as zero-days. Since 2022, our team has successfully identified over 40 such vulnerabilities.

We go beyond identification, actively assisting developers in remediating these zero-day vulnerabilities. Our comprehensive recommendations ensure long-term product security, considering various attacker perspectives.

As a trusted entity, we prioritize consumer and organizational integrity. Any information discovered remains confidential, shared solely between your organization and our team. Upholding confidentiality and trust is fundamental to our success in reporting and remediating vulnerabilities.

Assessment Remediation Integrity

Understanding IoT Device Vulnerabilities

Discover why IoT devices often face security challenges. The primary issue lies in their lack of built-in security controls to combat modern threats. This vulnerability stems from the constrained environment and limited computational capacity of these low-power devices. Their features only permit specific functions, making it challenging to include robust security controls, mechanisms, and data protection schemes.

Weak, Guessable, or Hardcoded Passwords

Insecure Network Services

Lack of Physical Hardening

Common vulnerabilty in IoT/Smart device

Lack of Secure Update Mechanism

Use of Insecure or Outdated Components

Insecure Default Settings

of all IoT device traffic is unencrypted, exposing personal and confidential data on the network.


of IoT devices are used as the medium for malware to spread from users' computers to vulnerable IoT devices on the same network.


of IoT devices are vulnerable to medium or high severity attacks, making IoT devices a low-hanging fruit for attackers.


of attacks exploit device vulnerabilities, as various attacks begin by scanning through network-connected devices in an attempt to exploit known weaknesses.


Top IoT Threats: Evolution and Sophistication

IoT threats are continually evolving, leveraging sophisticated and evasive techniques, such as peer-to-peer command and control communications and worm-like features for self-propagation. Weak device security and network security posture further amplify the risks, providing attackers with numerous avenues to compromise IoT systems.

Our findings reveal that the myriad vulnerabilities in IoT devices not only make them susceptible to initial compromise but also serve as a pivotal stepping stone for lateral movement, enabling attackers to target other systems within the network.

About Us

Explore top-notch cybersecurity expertise with our small team based in France and Japan. With a decade of experience in Software Development, Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, Reverse Engineering, Security Operations Analysis, and Threat Intelligence, we are passionate about testing and enhancing the security of everyday IoT products.

At NeroTeam Security Labs, our mission is to deliver high-quality security assessments and recommendations, aiming to elevate the security standards of your IoT products.

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